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The time When youtube become a black hole do not be ashamed

the time youtube became shit 

revenue with YouTube
revenue with YouTube
we all know that some money is coming from youtube,but I think youtube remain out of cash?.

the secret hidden from youtube

Approximately 21,840,000,000 results (0,40 seconds) But 45% are users whit channels games,video film,news,etc.. this users access youtube every morning or evening night,every day,now youtube he wants to get rid of people which does not upload 5k,3k HDVideos.

now how to get rid of them?

Now!! and not to hurt  them,and people do not publish bugs about youtube,they limit the commercials ads,and people are no longer paid like on 2016,people start to go to another,site to upload videos to be paid better,and so youtube gets rid of us,you and youtube starts recovering money,to be able to pay for the videos 5k HD,that we can not see and consume many mega,I will not give a name of sites to a uploaded video to say they myself are lying and advertise on another site,very ugly on their part when I thought a life on the internet with youtube would be better,but I think I was wrong,youtube can ruin you one day without care.

to continue

I will continue for subscribers not for youtube that has become a black hole.
I will continue if I do not pay,until it bans me Until subscribers realize black hole of Youtube,

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