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Russia due to Romania with half a billion dollars in gold

Romanian Treasure is treasure that was sent to Russia during World War I and has never been returned in full. It includes treasury NBR values ​​belonging to various private Romanian banks, companies, individuals, art collections, jewelry, archives, etc. 
Russia due to Romania
Russia due to Romania

All of them were transported from Romania to Czarist Russia during World War I, in order to be housed by the armies of the Central Powers, who had occupied a large part of Romania and threatened to occupy the entire national territory. 

After the Great October Revolution and the seizure of power by the Communists under the leadership of Lenin, Soviet power installed freshly treasure seized and refused to return it. This was partially repaid in three separate installments in 1935, 1956 and 2008 as a sign of goodwill on the Soviet and then Russians.
Russia due to Romania
Russia due to Romania

But most of the treasure was forfeit, which is why it remains a sensitive topic in diplomatic relations between Romania and Russia.

In Romana :Rusia datora României jumătate de miliard de dolari cu aur (Tezaurul de la Petrosa)

Tezaurul României este tezaurul care a fost trimis în Rusia în timpul primului război mondial și care nu a mai fost niciodată returnat în întregime.

El includea tezaurul Băncii Naționale a României, valori aparținând unor diverse bănci românești private, societăți comerciale, persoane particulare, colecții de artă, bijuterii, arhive, etc.citeste in continuare sursa wiky.

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