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How Google adsense put us to pay 1000$ to integrate a video player

Making money with adsense become bad and bad every day

making money with adsense
making money with adsense

to make a few cents in Romania is difficult the banners from google adsense are not so click, because they're afraid of viruses  or other fools that do not exist in google avertising.

Players adsense ads bad idea

But the video content appeared and is enjoyable with a 10-second skip,now to make some money from the big engine if we're still doing it daily Trafic thei put us to pay 1000$ to integrate some players,like Cedato JW Player,Video.js,WP Ad Player,Radiant Media Player,Ooyala FreeWheel.tv,and more..

Adsense for bloggers

Now these new few bloggers from where to get $ 1000 each to can put a video ads from adsense,so google bad on this!!.
the biggest stupidity is that google did not create video warnings directly with an integrated player as a banner.

Google has more 170,000,000,000$  from users and bussnies companies,and no can create a free video ads from bloggers and users whoo keep google up only to pay sucsss 1000$ for a player 2 months bad ideaaaa.

Put video integrate Youtube?

Youtube ca not use because put ads  when he wants to so it scheat earnings and work in vain!!.
I hope to change google adsense because become embarrassing ways.

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